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Au pair 2 be...your best guide to au pairing!

Welcome to Au Pair 2 be! Welcome to Au Pair 2 be!

Are you planning to live and work as an au pair? Or are you a prospective au pair who is wondering why your on line au pair profile has not got you signing any au pairing contracts with a host family somewhere? Congrats! You just stumbled on Au pair 2 be; one of the few au pair oriented websites that will give you the information and tips on how to REALLY boost your chances of finding and being selected by au pair host families.

The au pair business is booming. Physical au pair agencies and virtual au pair-host family databases acting as links between prospective au pairs and au pair host families, are all over the internet. As a prospective au pair you will fill out au pair agencies' application forms or create on line au pair profiles on au pair-host family on line databases. You will also have access to a lot of information on these websites. However, these au pair agencies and au pair-host family on line databases do not give prospective au pairs feedback on the quality of their au pair application dossiers. Consequently, it is not possible for a large majority of prospective au pairs to figure out why very few au pair host families have shown minimal interest in their on line au pair profiles or their au pair agency applications.

Given that the supply of au pair applicants largely exceeds the number of au pair host families in demand of au pairs,the latter can afford to be highly selective. So, presenting a well motivated au pair application that singles you out from other au pair applicants, is really important. Do read on. The "Road map to au pairing" will give you very valuable tips that should enable you boost your on line au pair profile and/or au pair agency application and increase your chances of signing an au pairing contract soon!

Why I created Au pair 2 be Why I created Au pair 2 be

Initially, it was my au pair experiences, relative to those of many other au pairs I had met, that inspired me to create Au pair 2 be. Then, last year, a friend of mine from Kenya requested my help with finding a host family. Since none of my friends in Europe needed the services of an au pair at the time, I suggested that she put up an au pair profile on several au pair-host family websites. It was while helping her find her way around these au pair-host family websites, that I came across hundreds of au pair profiles that really inspired this web site.

Most of these au pair profiles and their accompanying "Dear Family" letters were (still are) superficial and seemed to have been prepared without much forethought. Consequently, majority did not (and still do not) inspire much confidence. Some were plainly piteous. Aside from my having "been there, done that" the information and tips I propose here, are above all, the result of my well thought out on line research. I went through 197 au pair profiles, registered in different au pair-host family databases and further researched over 46 au pair related websites. Engaging with this information and tips will definitely enable you boost your chances of securing an au pairing contract with an au pair host family in the shortest time possible.

Of course, all information and tips, available on Au pair 2 be are free of charge! I promise you, there is nothing to buy or pay for here; no strings attached!

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